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9 week Programme

At the back of your 46 Gone book you'll find this easy to follow week-by-week programme that puts you in full control. Watch the pounds drop off as you as you work towards your ideal weight and waist size.

46 Gone book

The definitive guide to 46 Gone, covering the preparation phase, the 9-week programme itself and, critically, what comes afterwards — the rest of your life with a permanently managed ideal weight.

Personal Target Tracker

An interactive downloadable tool — you set your own target, then you log in each day to track your progress. It's the ideal way to keep you you fully motivated and focused throughout the 9-week programme.



What’s it all about?

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In July 2020 musician and music producer Mike Sheppard made a decision to get serious about managing his weight and, with it, his lifestyle.

After years of yo-yo dieting and trying what felt like every fad diet out there, he created the perfect weight management system for himself, based on years of experience of knowing what actually worked.

He created an app to track his progress on a daily and weekly basis — the perfect aid to keep his motivation going through thick and thin.

Then he wrote his own easy- to-use recipes with his ‘simple measuring’ system that does away with scales and calorie counting. Less than three months later he had lost 46 pounds and reduced his 46- inch waist by almost a foot!

He discovered the real truth behind managing your weight — that dieting alone doesn't work. You have to overhaul your entire lifestyle if you want to get to a healthy weight and stay there.

In devising 46 Gone he created not only the perfect weight management system for himself, but with it a brand new, foolproof way of managing his lifestyle. And now he’s sharing it all with you.

For the price of two coffees a month you get the book, the 9-week plan and the Personal Target Tracker 

And the monthly subscription will actually SAVE you money as you learn how to eat smart 



What do you get?
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So easy to follow

This is an easy read, and great value



The ‘holy grail’ …a healthy weight

A wonderfully accessible programme that’s easy to follow.

Dr Kate Barnes

GP and Hypnotherapist

What a great idea!

This is inspirational. Well done.

Russell Grant

TV Personality

46 Gone really works

I feel so much better all round. It’s like a new lease of life.




The 120-page book includes your 9-week programme, and it comes in four editions


Edition for All

If you’re not in the other three groups, this is the book especially for you

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46 Gone for Over 60s

This edition contains specific diet and health advice for the older generation

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46 Gone for Musicians

Musicians — this edition is written with you and your lifestyle in mind

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46 Gone for Fat Blokes

This version of the book is aimed at men who don’t like hugging trees!

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Each book includes your 9-week weight loss programme
Choose the specially tailored edition to suit you.

The books come FREE with your membership. Just log in and go to your account page, where you can choose from four special editions of the book.

46 Gone is endorsed by GP and hypnotherapist Dr. Kate Barnes. Read what she has to say:

"Mike Sheppard, a professional musician and composer, has produced a wonderfully accessible programme that is straightforward and easy for anyone to follow..." [read more]


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