How does 46 Gone save you money?

If you have to pay for 46 Gone membership, how can it be saving you money?

On the face of it, 46 Gone looks like an added expense at a time when we all need to be saving the pennies, right?

Well, let’s look a bit closer. Our membership to 46 Gone costs about the same as two cups of coffee a month, and the chances are you are already buying FAR more than two a month. Most people consume two a day! Well, the good news is that, once you get into the 9-week programme, you will drink less and less of these ‘must have’ drinks. Because you won’t want them.

But that’s not where the real savings lie.


As well as giving up alcohol for the 9-week programme, you will also be giving up the junk food, processed food, ready meals and takeaways that are so bad for your health AND your wallet!


When you follow the 9-week programme we encourage you to cook from fresh, using fresh ingredients and batch-cooking to save time in the week. We steer you away from expensive processed foods and ready meals towards fresh produce, which is generally less expensive.


Then there’s the money you will save by not drinking alcohol during the 9-week programme. Not only are alcoholic drinks very expensive, they are also incredibly high in calories.


We have conducted a survey of 100 people to see what the difference would be for them financially if they started 46-Gone and followed the 9-week programme. Here are the averages:

Saving on junk food and takeaways: £40/month or $51/month

Saving on processed foods and ready meals: £15/month or $20/month

Saving on alcohol: £35/month or $45/month


That’s a whopping £90/$116 per month


Now set that against the cost of your membership of 46 Gone at roughly £5 or $7 a month, and you can see that the 9-week programme will save the average member about £85 or $109 per month. The programme lasts about 3 months, so the average member will save a huge £255 or $348 over the period of the programme.


Now THAT makes sense on every level — health, fitness and financial! So, if you haven’t already, why not give 46 Gone a try. Once you have taken out a subscription you’ll get access to all the tools you’ll need. And remember, you can cancel at any time.

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